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Bee-keeping can be a fun albeit draining hobby, provided you have the right equipment to walk you through the process. Involving interactions with bees which may reprimand if bothered more than they can take, safety itself becomes the need of the hour. This little guide will break a few things down to make what you need clarification.

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Bee-keeping, more commonly known as apiculture, has become a productive hobby for people from all parts of the world. Requiring man-made hives and other gears that make the practice accessible, bee-keeping is largely done by people looking to collect honey. At the same time, they house beehives in a specifically made container. Interestingly, your needs won't end at getting hold of bees but require a lot of involvement with small details. From suits to protective gears, a beekeeper has a lot to invest in. This guide will enlist and elaborate on these supplies.

Protection is a must!

Bees sting. Even the most docile bees can turn the tables and make you question your trust. Essentially, when it comes to bee-keeping equipment, much thinking has gone into coming up with all-around protective apparel. The very first thing that you must look for is a veil. Your face can be the most vulnerable region when you are dealing with an entire hive of bees. A veil will protect your head, face and keep the bees away from your nostrils and ears. Sometimes, bee-keeping suits come with an in-built veil. However, the latter is more expensive. Add in a pair of gloves, and your beekeeping-specific apparel will be ready.

The specifications of the hive

Never be too quick to pick a man-made hive for your bee-keeping project. You can both buy one that suits your requirements, or you can custom make it by yourself. In both cases, make sure that you have a peeping hole to view your bees inside the hive. Also, if you intend to make it a large-scale hobby, you can go for hives that constitute eight or ten frames. The ones with eight frames are much lighter in weight even when they are filled with honey. This property can make things more manageable. However, the size of the ten framed hives permits more honey collection.

Extraction tool and more

Honey extraction tools can come in handy when dealing with the frames to collect the honey produced by the bees. These also keep you from messing up the wax combs on the frames. However, you can only consider buying one if you are willing to shed substantial amounts of money on it. Additionally, sellers also make available, tiny smokers which help overwhelm the bee pheromones when you work on them.


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