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Over the past years, the term 'beer stein; has become synonymous with all beer mugs. In this guide, we'll look at both types and mention in detail their respective features; so that you know what points to look out for to make your next party one to remember for ages.

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Beer steins, by definition, are a traditional german ornamental mug that's meant to drink beer in. Although beer steins are now mostly sold as souvenirs, they still serve their intended purpose.

Bold and beautiful: The beer stein

More well known now as a collectable, drinking cold beer out of a traditional beer stein is an experience you don't want to miss. Traditional ornamental beer steins will have carvings or paintings drawn on the surface. They will also have a hinged lid with a thumb lever that makes it easy to open the lid with one hand. Beer steins can be made out of metal or wood. Metal steins give beverages a metallic tang.  Wood beer steins typically have a metal lining on the inside to prevent any leakage.

The classic beer mugs

The modern but classic beer mug needs no introduction. Beer mugs can hold between 16 to 25 ounces of liquid. They are generally made out of either glass or plastic. Beer mugs are made to have thick walls; the thickness of the mug, along with the handle, ensure that your beverage stays cold for quite a while. Beer mugs can come with or without dimples. While some argue that the dimples on the glass add to the flavour and colour of the beer, others say it is merely decorative.

Material and durability

Beer steins suitable for drinking are made of metal and wood. However, beer steins meant for collecting can be made of ivory, porcelain, silver, stone and pewter. Beer mugs are typically made out of glass or plastic. Plastic beer mugs are inexpensive, but glass mugs are more durable. The thickness of glass mugs also makes them sturdy, which means you can clink your mugs all night long without worrying about the mugs breaking or chipping off. However, if you're hosting a large event that calls for many mugs, plastic mugs would be a better option.

Why shape matters

Each type of beverage is best enjoyed in a glass specifically designed to bring out its aroma and flavour. Beer steins and beer mugs are meant for Scottish ales, Irish dry scouts, American ales, and lagers. The primary reason for the popularity of beer mugs and steins is its capacity. Beer is often enjoyed in large quantities, and beer mugs on the larger end of the size spectrum can hold about 25 ounces of beer. Another reason is that the wide opening of beer mugs maintains the beer's head and allows one to take large gulps.

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