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Attracting birds to your backyard can be great and cute. But, once they find their way to your home, it can be tiring and unpleasant to maintain the chaos they make. If you don't have plantations in your garden, then you might not worry. But, if you have one, what should you do?

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Bird Control Buying Guide

Bird control products can be used to repel birds from your plantations, home, trees, or asset. There are various types of bird control products available on the market. You have to choose what might be appropriate for your home or need depending on the bird control application and maintenance.

Check on the different types available

If you are wondering about the types of bird control, hold on! There are mainly four types of famous bird control products, including spikes, scarers with animal figures, scare tapes, and scare toys. The spikes have sharp edges that will prevent the birds from sitting on the field or the house's roof. An animal figure with scary eyes has glass marbles in their eyes, making them look frightening to the birds. Another type is the reflective scare tapes, which produces bright reflections and sound with air. And lastly, we have a scare toy shaped like the falcon.                                                                                                                          

Check the installation of the bird control

After understanding about the types of bird control, you cannot straightaway go and buy one. It is because you might also need to examine the type of installation it would require. Bird controls like the spikes have to be screwed down to a particular wood area to prevent it from falling. Similarly, the tape must be cut and hung on areas where you have the most bird atrocity. The toy and animal figures require constant replacement as the birds would get used to if they are at the same place for too long.

Checking on the additional features

If you buy scare toys, make sure to buy them realistically. If the toy does not look like a real falcon, your birds won't get frightened. Also, try to look for weather-resistant in your bird control products as they will be kept under the sun and rain and needs to work longer than usual. Also, consider buying those that have a warranty that will save you from maintenance if any damage occurred.

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