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Your feathery friends need tender love & care like your pet dog or cat. Good nutrition & healthcare are also indispensable aspects of owning these precious creatures. Choosing a proper living space for them is most important, to begin with. Therefore, a comfy & cosy birdcage is what you need.

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Birdcages Buying Guide

There are several birdcages available in the market. There are different models, sizes & colour options. Before selecting a birdcage, the primary consideration is the type of bird you will be keeping in the cage. Additionally, certain other factors need to be kept in mind to make the right choice.

Placement & spot

Your bird must get fresh air & adequate sunlight. Hence, select such a space of your house & also ensuring sufficient space for keeping the birdcage is essential. The area should also be an active location in your house to encourage interaction with your new family member. It will keep your bird happy & enhance its social development. Due to this training, your little birdie for an occasional play outside the cage becomes possible.


An adequately sized birdcage is another aspect. For small birds like Canary or Finch, smaller ones will work. The size should be ample for your bird to freely walk in it, flap her wings & fly a little. Some of the space will be also be occupied by the food & water bowl, bird toys & perches. Many birds need to be in pairs as they cannot survive alone. Hence, getting a birdcage that is as big as possible is better to keep your birds happy & chirping.


Appropriate bar spacing is the key to ensure a pleasant environment for your feathery companion. If the bars are too widely spaced, then there are chances of escaping. Too narrow ones will not give a gratifying for your bird. For larger birds, horizontally placed bars are recommended to help them in climbing around & exercising.

Quality, craft & portability

The birdcage should be sturdy & made of non-toxic material. It should not have any sharp edges inside to enable a safe surrounding for your bird. The one that is easy to clean should be preferred. The birdcage's effortless mobility is also essential to change the place to keep your furry friends engaged & entertained. Therefore, some birdcages come with separable rolling racks.