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Birds are among the few creatures who build their own homes. They collect twigs and fibres and build sweet little nests on a tree or a shrub or find refuge in natural cavities like a large hole in a tree. If birds are highly efficient in finding their own home, why do we see many bird enthusiasts installing birdhouses in their yards? Well, growing urbanisation leaves many cities without trees and vegetation. It reduces the population of bird species in that area and in general. To attract wild birds back to your neighbourhood, birdhouses are your best bet.

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In addition to protecting birds in your yard, there are plenty of reasons why you could install a birdhouse. If you are a bird lover, you must know the priceless feeling of watching the growth of a young chick in its home. While in the wild, you might be an intruder; in your yard, you won't be. Adult birds will be friendly with you, and you can perhaps watch the chicks hatching right from your window.

Size is crucial

The most critical aspect to look for in a birdhouse is its size, one being the room's internal size and the entrance hole. Every bird species requires different sizes to fit their body and habits. Some might want to flap their wings often, demanding larger rooms, while the others would just stay snug inside. There should be ample room for the young chicks to develop. Generally, too large a house is not advised as other creatures may invade it. The entrance hole also should be just the right size to prevent the intrusion or attack of predators.

Some quintessential features

When you build a home of your own, you must require no additional thinking to decide that every room needs a window. Proper ventilation is quintessential to any habitat for its survival and comfort. A couple of holes on the walls of the birdhouse will do the job. Drainage holes on the floor are equally important as the presence of spoiled water, rotten food and excretion can be hazardous to birds' life and comfort. The birdhouse must also come with a door and proper locking mechanism for you to clean the birdhouse interior regularly and later lock it up.

Things to remember

It is always ideal to choose birdhouses without perches as they are virtually useless. Birds living in tree cavities do not have them, thus, do not need them. They might also invite unwanted featured guests. A roof overhang is always a plus to provide ample shade and protection from the rain. The way the birdhouse can be attached is also crucial.

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