Top 12 Bitter Lemon

Bitter lemon is a soft drink with lemon-based flavouring. The beverage has a sour taste with a strong lemon essence which can be consumed as a separate drink or a mixer in any alcoholic beverage. In many countries, bitter lemon is also known by the name of dry lemon. The drink is available in both frizzy and non-frizzy varieties.

Bitter Lemon Buying Guide

There are beverages of various flavours. However, none of them can beat the refreshing flavour of lemon on a sunny day. Whether it is lemonade on a hot summer’s day or a warm lemon honey drink during the coldest winters, lemon is truly a versatile fruit. Hence, the use of lemon in alcoholic beverages is ubiquitous. Whether one likes to have a drink strong or diluted, everyone prefers some kind of flavouring in their drinks. Bitter lemon is one such versatile beverage that suits all alcoholic beverages, including beer. This drink can also be had undiluted as a standalone beverage.

What is bitter lemon?

Bitter lemon is, by and large, a soft drink that has a strong lemon fragrance and a sour, bitter taste. The drink is also known by the name of dry lemon as it is made of sundried lemon skin, giving it its signature bitter taste. It can be had on its own without mixing, although not everybody can appreciate bitter lemon because it is an acquired taste. Hence, bitter lemon is commonly used in the preparation of cocktails like mojitos and pina colada coolers. Bitter lemon can also be had with breezers. Aerated and non-aerated varieties are also available.

Common bitter lemon brands

Bitter lemon is a non-patented drink, which means that no one company can have a monopoly in its production. Hence, many companies today produce bitter lemon drink, and every country has its own companies producing the drink. The most popular company producing bitter lemon differs from country to country. However, across the globe, the most popular bitter lemon brand is Schweppes, which happens to be the largest producer of bitter lemon. Other highly popular brands include Royal Club and Canada Dry. Some companies offer unsweetened bitter lemon. However, the sweetened variant remains the most popular choice as a mixer.

Are there health benefits of bitter lemon?

Being a soft drink, it is always better to indulge in bitter lemon reasonably in moderation without over-indulgence. However, since bitter lemon is first and foremost a tonic, bitter lemon has all the health benefits that tonic water also has. For instance, bitter lemon has the ingredient quinine, which relieves acidity and treats nighttime cramps. Quinine is also an important ingredient in tonic water. Moreover, quinine was used traditionally to cure malaria. Hence, if consumed in moderation and not regularly, bitter lemon has the above health benefits.