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Media discs can be used for storing movies, audios, program files and other data formats. Some discs have printable surfaces allowing you to personalize the disc uniquely. There is a range of media formats to choose from depending on the operation you have to perform on disc or capacity of data you need to store.

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Blank Media Buying Guide

Blank media like Cds and DVDs have different capacities and formats. Each format is designed for a specific job. Thorough research on DVD formats is essential because the type of disc you choose will affect the outcome.

Single-sided discs format

A DVD-R media is a write-once recordable format. DVD-R discs or drives can be written only once, unlike DVD-RW types capable of writing and rewriting the media multiple times. DVD-R offers write once and read many times storage format. A DVD-RW media exist in 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x and higher speed variants with a read-write capacity of 4.7GB. A DVD-RAM is a rewritable DVD format. It is cartridge-based, bare discs for data recording and playback. DVD-RAM drives have a capacity of 2.6Gb(single-sided) and 9.4Gb(double-sided). It can read a DVD-ROM drive, DVD video and CD media.

Double-sided media

A double layer DVD+R media offers a fantastic 8.5Gb of storage capacity. These discs are compatible with all current DVD video player and ROM drives and DVD+R DL drives. A dual-layer DVD-RW media offers almost double storage space for recording and reading as compared to a single-layer media disc. A double layer drive's main advantage is that the material can be read or wrote on one layer without affecting the other layer. Flipping sides of the discs or changing the disc is not needed.  The disc is perfect for any commercial or domestic application.

Surface materials

The surface colour varies, depending on the brand and model. A hard coat surface provides a protective layer that makes the disc more resistant to scratch, fingerprint, dirt, and dust. Shiny silver or silver Lacquer gives the reflective, lustrous silver appearance. The surface is printable using monochrome thermal printers. Gold lacquer is similar to silver Lacquer except that it gives gold lustrous shine. Hub printable surfaces contain a surface that goes all the way to the disc's central hub, giving you the freedom to monogram your CD/DVD more elegantly. A water shield disc has glossy finish supplemented to be water and wear-resistance.