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Even the smallest blood specimens can tell us a lot about our health – for instance, to check our body's glucose (blood sugar) level, all that's required is one tiny prick on the fingertip. However, poking yourself or having a healthcare professional do it with a sharp scalpel is painful and messy, and using proper medical equipment is essential. A simple and convenient device used to draw blood for all types of tests is a blood lancet – equipped with a tiny needle or blade, making the process pain-free.

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Blood Lancets Buying Guide

Although blood lancets are typically used to check blood sugar levels, they can also obtain samples for haemoglobin and allergy testing. A lancet is so easy to use to do necessary tests at home by themselves simply. Still, it is best to learn the correct method from a professional for safety and accuracy. Buyers should buy only disposable or single-use blood lancets as using one more than once can cause infections. But there is a lot more a buyer must consider, and this buying guide will highlight all the vital factors.

Lancets Vs Lancing Devices

When buying blood lancets, buyers will come across two completely different products – the first being standard lancets and the other being a lancing device. A lancing device is a digital tool that gives you real-time results and requires a lancet to function, meaning you need to insert lancets inside the device for it to operate. On the other hand, a blood lancet is just an essential tool with a built-in needle or blade used to take blood samples. You can either use lancets alone to collect a specimen or use it with a lancing device.

Choose Good Quality Blood Lancets

Contaminated blood can give out false results, which is why it is crucial to purchase high-quality blood lancets. The first thing to consider is one hundred per cent sterile tip to ensure accuracy. A blood lancet should have a sharp but soft needle that quickly penetrates the skin and is comfortable to use. Since needles or blades are pointed, misusing them can hurt an individual so, a sealed protective disk is essential to keep the lancet fully covered until used. Buyers can even go with pressure-activated safety lancets that automatically retracts after use.

More Factors to Consider

If you are buying blood lancets for a lancing device, it is vital to make sure that it works with your particular device. Although most lancets are designed to work with a lancing device, it is better to buy one compatible with all standard lancing devices to avoid replacement or exchange. If you frequently use blood lancets, buying a multipack can be beneficial for additional savings and reduces the number of trips to the medical store.