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Since there are so many beauty & makeup products out there, sometimes we tend to skip a few, thinking they won’t make much of a difference – and one excellent example is blush. You might feel that using blushes with a full face of makeup will overdo it, but that is where you’re wrong. Using blush can add a natural pop of colour to your face while giving it a healthier and more radiant glow. Whether you prefer bold, subtle, or everyday makeup looks, a blush will compliment all of them just right.

Blushes Buying Guide

Although blushes were formulated to be applied on the cheekbones and cheek area, you can do a lot more with one. For instance, you can easily make do with a blush when you are out of eyeshadow by using it on your eyelids. Similarly, one can use blushes on any facial feature they wish as it can significantly uplift your face. But before buying a blush, the first thing one needs to figure out is the shade that works best for them and then should move on to some other factors – that this buying guide will explain.

Powder Vs Stick Blushes

Even though powder blushes are more prevalent and widely used – of late, many people have been shifting to sticks. When it comes to choosing among the two, one primary advantage of using blush sticks is that they are more convenient as they don’t necessarily need a brush for application. So, you can easily carry a stick without it taking too much space in your bag, and it is perfect for touch-ups when on the go. However, buyers should also consider their skin type as blush sticks can be a little heavy & more visible than powders.

High-Quality & Long-Lasting Formulation is Essential

Like all other makeup products, even blushes should have a long-lasting and high-quality formulation that is also controllable and allows one to build colour as required. Similarly, the blush must be lightweight, blendable, and lasting so you can go all day without frequent touch-ups and a cakey feeling. Moreover, the blush should be streak and smudge-resistant but also easy to remove so you don’t hurt your skin in the process. Based on their preference, buyers need to choose an appropriate finish as while some blushes give a natural glow, others are more pigmented.

Go for Trusted Brands and Check the Ingredients

As far as makeup and blushes are concerned, one should always make sure they go with a professional, trusted, and reliable brand as cheaper formulas or alternatives can be harmful to your skin. Similarly, it is crucial to check the ingredient list to stray away from chemicals and harmful additives. Buyers must go for blushes that are naturally formulated without parabens, SLS, phthalates, ethoxylates, and artificial or synthetic fragrance. If preferred, you can even choose brands that offer one hundred per cent vegan and cruelty-free blushes.

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