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Perhaps the best way to pump up your look and bring some glam to the room is by stroking a little glitter on your cheekbones or under your eyebrows. Body glitter has been in use for many, many years now. Since it is not as expensive as high-end makeup products, people from all walks of life have used this vibrant cosmetic to parties, weddings, and crowded events like concerts. If you are new to body glitter and would like to try its sparkly colours on your body, please read on.

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Body Glitter Buying Guide

Oh, those sparkly vibrant glitters! Body glitters come in virtually all colours and many different shapes. They mostly come as granules, though many people like a star and moon-shaped glitters. When picking a glitter for you, factors like safety, aesthetic and personal preferences must be considered.

Safety concerns

Though many brands claim that their glitters are safe for use, it is recommended that you pick a popular brand as it is likely to be tested and certified. Also, you must always check the ingredients and see if it carries any of your allergens. Quality body glitter will spread smoothly and stay intact on the skin for many hours. Those that smear and wear quickly are generally made of cheap ingredients.

Choosing the colour

Body glitters come in many colours, though gold, silver and bronze shades are the most popular and demanded as these metallic tones go well with almost all colours of clothing. You can be as wild and experimental as you want, but it is always safe to stick to the colour of your dress as body glitters tend to overpower your look if you go for brighter shades than the clothing. Again, there are umpteen times when going extra is the way.It is also a must to consider your skin undertone when purchasing body glitter, as the wrong shades of colour can wash you out. Go for cool-toned shades if you have a cool undertone, and opt for warm-toned shades if you have a warm undertone. People with olive undertones can pull off most shades of body glitter, though considering your complexion can benefit.

Types of body glitter

Body glitters are available mainly bases- glitter dust, loose glitter and glitter in the gel. You might want to check your skin type and experiment with some brands to see what you prefer. Generally, glitter dust does not go well with dry skin the way gel-based glitter does not for oily skin. Loose glitter mostly has to be mixed with some petroleum gel to spread. Most glitters are suitable for use on skin and nails though not many will be on the hair. If you want a dash of glitter on your hair, ensure that it's safe for application.