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A significant part of the skin often gets exposed to the sun, dust & other environmental pollutants. Therefore, it is prone to a lot of damage. Hence, the skin naturally sheds cells to repair itself & moisture is an essential element in this process. Thus, moisturising plays a crucial role in hydrating & repairing the skin. Body lotions are products that help in this regard.

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Body lotions help in nourishing the dry skin by locking in the moisture & minimise water loss. Therefore the skin becomes soft & supple. Their hydrating qualities also help enhance the elasticity of the skin, without which even a small movement can make the skin tear. Moisturising the skin prevents the growth of bacteria & fungi & ultimately makes the cell regeneration process faster. Thus, applying body lotions will help you to avoid potential skin problems.

Excellent aid for dry skin

There are body lotions that are suitable for the entire family, including babies. Since the problem of dry skin is not limited to women. Therefore, one product taking care of family skin-care routine can be the best bet. Most of the body lotions are fragrance-free & hence the people who are very particular with their olfactory preferences can use them without any issue. Post-shave irritation is also a common problem among many people as shaving can irritate the hair follicles & cause itchiness & red bumps. In such cases, body lotions can come to your rescue & soothe your skin.

Summer spa feel & helps in proper makeup application

A smooth, moisturised skin with a sun-kissed tan looks beautiful. Some body lotions contain self-tanning ingredients that pamper your skin & provide the summer glow. Thus, you can achieve a warm golden undertone at the comfort of your home & feel the holiday hue everyday. However, you need to apply it evenly to avoid the lotion getting streaky, especially in areas like elbows & wrists. Layering foundation on dry skin makes it look cakey. Hence, nourishing with a body lotion will make your skin look fresh & aid in even makeup application. It also enables the makeup to stay longer.

Getting rid of itchy marks becomes easier

An itchy inflammation or a mark or scar can make the skin less attractive & take a toll on your confidence. Thankfully, certain body lotions pack in powerful antioxidants that help remove those imperfections & give you a more even-toned look. These products can also be used for healthy nourishment after getting a tattoo. It is advisable to apply the body lotion on damp skin post-shower. It will intensify hydration, help the product penetrate the deeper layers of the skin & hence improve your skin quality.

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