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When you think of skincare, you focus on the face and tend to forget the body. Our bodies need to be taken care of as well! There are numerous products on the market catering to body skincare: moisturisers, body washes, and so much more. The body scrub is one of the many products. As with any skincare product, body scrubs should be chosen with care.

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Skincare is self-care. We toil for our academics and jobs daily; modern life is hectic. It doesn't matter if you are employed at some company or a stay-at-home parent; you probably scarcely get time to look after yourself. Self-care is not an option in such times. It is a means to assert control over your own body, remind yourself that you still have autonomy, and nurture your mental health. Skincare is just one of the many ways to practise self-care. You can do it daily; it takes little time yet gives excellent results. However, we often focus too much on our faces and little on our bodies. Body skin matters too! A body scrub is one of the numerous products that can help you achieve and maintain healthy skin on your body.

Type of exfoliator

A body scrub is essentially an exfoliator - it removes the layer of dead skin cells from your skin. There are two kinds of exfoliators: physical and chemical. The physical ones consist of tiny granules that rub against your skin to remove dead skin cells. Be careful with such scrubs. If you are too aggressive with them, you might injure your skin. Chemical exfoliators use acids to do the same task and increase cell turnover. They don't leave microtears on your skin. Introduce them slowly to your skincare routine.

Your skincare needs

What is your skin type? What skin issues do you have, if any? Know your skin before proceeding. If it is a physical exfoliator, be gentle. Harsh rubbing will not give you better results. However, chemical exfoliators are better. There are two kinds of exfoliants: AHA and BHA. AHA is good for dry-skinned folks; they cleanse your skin of dead cells on the surface. If you have oily skin, BHA will be your lifesaver. It penetrates the skin and works on a deeper level. If you have acne, opt for a body scrub with BHA. You can use them together too.

Save the environment

Have you seen the tiny colourful granules some body scrubs have? They are microbeads. They are terrible for the environment and harm marine creatures. Opt for vegan and cruelty-free products, if possible. Some brands claim to use all-natural, organic components. Check if their claims are valid; you can choose them if you want. We must all do all we can in our small ways to reduce pollution.