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Bolster pillows are an incredibly versatile tool and can come to your aid in many situations. This guide contains details on bolster pillows for all their intended uses so that you can choose a bolster pillow that suits your needs the best according to the situation you need it for.

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Bolster Pillows Buying Guide

Whether you need a bolster pillow for decorative purposes or to relieve body aches, there are a few points to keep in mind and follow which will help you make the most out of your purchase.

Fabric and filling

The outer covering of the bolster pillow can be made of leather, cotton, polyester or silk. Leather and silk pillows are mainly used for decoration purposes, while cotton and polyester are the most popular material for pillows that provide body support. The filling of bolster pillows can be made of polyester beads or fibres, or memory foam. Bolster pillow fillings are incredibly soft and comfortable but may wear down over time with increased usage. Bolster pillows filled with memory foam are more firm and are hence, better suited for orthopaedic purposes.

Bolster pillows for yoga

Don't worry about skipping out on your yoga exercises due to body ache if you have a bolster pillow with you. Bolster pillows meant for yoga are usually filled with a lightweight material not to be too heavy. The length is another factor to consider; yoga bolster pillows don't need to be as tall as you are. Hence, go for pillows that are a bit shorter to get the most out of all those asanas.

Maternity bolster pillows

Maternity can come with its fair share of aches and pains. A bolster pillow is going to be your best friend for quite a few months if you are pregnant. Bolster pillows intended for maternity uses are usually full-length, so they can support the entire body and offer support to the legs, arms and tummy. Most maternity bolster pillows do not provide back support, so if that is a feature you cannot compromise on, look for maternity pillows that are C or U shaped. C and U shaped pillows provide body support from front to back.

Orthopaedic bolster pillows

If you suffer from constant aches in your arms, legs, back or neck, an orthopaedic bolster pillow might be what you need. Orthopaedic bolster pillows help reduce stress on your body by providing support to the areas that ache. They can range in size from 36 inches to 72 inches. Long pillows that are over 60 inches can be placed on your bed or couch so that you always have a pillow to lay back on or raise your feet on. On the other hand, shorter pillows are portable, which means that you have guaranteed body support wherever you go.

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