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Boomerangs make for an excellent game. They are fun, engaging, and very convenient – they return to you on their own no matter how far you throw! Get a well-built boomerang to have a great time with friends and family.

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Boomerangs Buying Guide

We have grown up watching boomerangs on television. It could have been some movie, or maybe your childhood favourite, The Jungle Book. We know what a boomerang looks like. Most of us have played with them as well. Boomerangs are delightful. You throw them as far as you can, and they return to you on their own! How convenient yet fun is that? Adults love it, children can spend hours with it, and even your dog likes a good game with the boomerang. They indeed are a great way to get some exercise in the fresh air and leave your phone for a while. There's really no reason to not own a boomerang.

Types of boomerang

You are probably familiar with the curved Australian boomerang since it is often depicted in media. However, there are many different kinds of boomerangs with varying shapes. Boomerangs shaped like a ring are very popular; you can even find ones with the shape of a triangle. And, of course, there is your Australian boomerang. Buy the shape that suits your style and technique of throwing the most.

The material it is made of

Check what the boomerang is made of. How inexperienced or skilled you are should be considered as a factor while deciding which boomerang you want to purchase based on what it is made of. Modern boomerangs can be made of a range of materials, ranging from plastic to plywood. Choose a boomerang built with lightweight material if kids will play with it. You can even find boomerangs made of solid wood; they are not appropriate for young children.

A good build

Who is going to mostly play with the boomerang influences what kind of build is preferable. If children will play with it, get a boomerang that will be safe and comfortable for them to play with, like one with softer edges. Getting boomerangs that will travel quite the distance before returning is more fun. Some can go as far as 90 feet before flying back! It should provide you with a secure grip so that throwing and catching are easier. Boomerangs that are shaped like rings and triangles have an open centre; it lets you personalise your techniques and style.