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Boring is the standard hole-making operation of heavy-duty or simple machining. Mostly done as a part of fieldwork, one can easily do it in their homes with all the necessary precautions. A boring lathe machine consists of boring bars, which is an essential component for making holes. These bars are usually available in various sizes and of different materials.

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Boring Bars Buying Guide

A boring bar is a highly-common cutting tool that one requires for various purposes like drilling, cutting, woodworking, metalworking, etc. One mainly uses a boring bar to cut or bore into the inside of an item. Generally found in every machinery shop, boring bars are an excellent long-term investment. However, finding a perfect boring bar that is compatible with your boring head can be tricky. The following buying guide aims to cover all the general factors one might need to consider while purchasing boring bars.

Good-quality materials to look for

There are quite many materials that contribute to the sturdy and robust build of a boring bar. A material like carbon steel comes with excellent stability and hardness. The level of sturdiness helps in enhancing the grip and usage of the boring bar. Other high-quality materials include steel or tungsten carbide. Because of their inexpensiveness, steel boring bars are the most commonly used ones by workers. The expensive heavy-metal boring bars contain tungsten alloys that are denser than steel.

Consider the bar's diameter to length ratio.

One of the vital factors that can alter the pressure and cutting speed of a boring is its diameter to length ratio. Steel generally has a diameter to length ratio of 4:1, while heavy-metal bars can go up to 6:1. Carbide boring bars offer the highest damping with a diameter to length ratio of 8:1. Boring bars also have an internal mechanism that allows them to alter the bar's natural frequency to suit a specific application. The diameter-to-length-ratio is the most influential contributor to the tool's vibration when it comes to tedious applications.

Additional features to consider

There are many specifications that a buyer needs to check before getting a boring bar. Height and material-selection are essential, but you must also remember to keep in mind what kind of hand orientation you want- left or right-oriented. One also needs to be careful while dealing with such a hard tool. Some boring bars come with a secure insert-clamp that enables you to safely mount it on the boring head and gives you the perfect edge strength during your usage. 

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