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Parenthood is all about learning new things every day, and parents must know as much as possible about the product they intend to buy. A feeding bottle is a must-have item for every house with a baby below one year of age. However, they are not as easy to purchase as one might think.

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Bottle Feeding Buying Guide

As the name suggests, a feeding bottle is a bottle that one can use to feed milk, water, or any liquid to the babies. After filling it with any liquid, the kid can drink it through a nipple similar to the mother's breast. These bottles are handy if you want to get rid of your child's breastfeeding habit or even if you want some time to finish work. Over the years, feeding bottles have changed their shapes, materials, and construction. This buying guide on feeding bottles consists of all the key points one should remember to get their kids' the best one.

Things to keep in mind

One has to consider numerous factors before purchasing a feeding bottle for their little one, and the age of the baby is one of those essential factors. The shape, size, and flow of liquid from the bottle depend heavily on the kid's age. The baby's development also affects the bottle one should purchase; parents can purchase orthodontic nipples for the kids whose teeth are starting to develop. There are mainly two types of nipple materials- latex and silicone. Some kids are allergic to latex, and in this case, it is best to go with silicone for its durability and robust characteristics.

Availability of several varieties

Feeding bottle is one of those products that comes with a lot of options. The standard bottle doesn't have a particular catchy design or feature, due to which it's on the more affordable side of prices. Then, there are Anti-Colic, also known as natural flow bottles; these bottles usually have air vents to prevent the kid from sucking unnecessary air. One can also find self-sterilising bottles in the market.

Additional features to look for

The liquid's flow rate is another crucial feature to consider while buying feeding bottles for babies. Flow should be slow for kids below one month and should be variable for older kids than three to six months. Try different shapes of the bottle to find out what fits your child the best. Look for disposable options if you like to go on a picnic with your little one. And lastly, ensure that it has a good quality bottle cap, collar, and base.