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Newborns are frail; they need to be handled with care. It is imperative to select bottle sets carefully for the well-being of your child. While shopping for them, we need to consider a few aspects. It should feel similar to that of a mother's breast as much as possible, and it must be a healthy and sanitary option.

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Parenting is a huge responsibility, more so when the child is a newborn. Delicate and wholly dependent, babies need extra attention and care. While choosing some product for a baby, we need to ensure that it will keep the child healthy, be comfortable, and serve its purpose. This is especially true for bottle sets used to feed babies. They need to be purchased while keeping several considerations in mind.

Shape and feel of the teat

You want the teat of the bottle to feel like a birth mother's breast. It must be soft as skin and facilitate the slow flow of the liquid. The baby will accept the bottle more easily. A nicely shaped, soft teat will mould and adjust to the baby's palate. Check the acceptance rate of the bottle if given.

Is it anti-colic?

Colic can be annoying. Anti-colic bottle sets will lessen the quantity of excess air swallowed during feeding, potentially lessening colicky crying. They can also slow down the baby's food intake. Finding an anti-colic bottle set will make the feeding experience smoother.  It will help with burping and gas.

Is the bottle BPA free?

BPA may cause health problems in babies, like behaviour and nerve issues. It has even been banned in certain countries. You might want to check that the bottle you are purchasing for your child is BPA free.

Self-sterilising ones are helpful

Sterilising bottles are indispensable for the little one's health. You can save on both time and energy by choosing self-sterilising sets. Simply heating the bottle in the microwave for a few minutes is enough to ensure that it's clean enough for your child. If not self-sterilising, make sure that they are steriliser-safe and easy to clean at least.

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