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In the present times, more and more parents are turning to formula feeding. With this change, comes an increased demand for bottle teats. Every parent wants an ideal teat that gives their infant an experience that feels the closest to breastfeeding. When buying a product so vital for their infant, the buyer needs guidance on every step.

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Bottle Teats Buying Guide

From breastfeeding to feeding bottles-this is a change that almost every parent adapts to. It is recommended that bottle teats are changed at least once every few months because every material is prone to wear. Whether the buyer is buying a feeding bottle for the first time or is acquainted with the procedure, they can get confused as there are so many factors to mind. This guide helps ease the burden on parents’ shoulders by assisting them in the process.

Shape, style, and build.

Bottle teats are usually made of silicon and rubber. Silicon is more widely used because it retains its shape and does not absorb smells, flavour, and moisture. While choosing a bottle teat for an infant, the buyer must ensure that the material is soft and flexible. The buyer should prefer a teat with adjustable flow rates so that the baby is not uncomfortable in any way.

Protecting the baby from unpleasant feeding.

Babies tend to experience some reflux while feeding on milk. Teat valves that are designed to reduce reflux, discomfort, wind, and milk from travelling up the tube should be chosen so that the baby has an experience most similar to mother-feeding. Another vital factor is checking the teat for its latch and acceptance and choosing the best product in both of these factors.

Factors that need to be eyeballed.

The buyer should make sure that the feeding bottle’s size and the bottle teat are appropriate for their infant. Every bottle teat comes with age specifications that the buyer should be careful about else the baby might be uncomfortable while feeding on it. The buyer must also double-check the teats for air-valves that ease the flow of all kinds of feeding-formulae and are anti-colic.

Other details that the buyer will dig.

The buyer must note whether the product is BPA free. If not, it can harm the infant. The last factor that the buyer should be heedful of is if the material of the teat is anti-collapse, and sterilizer and dishwasher safe.

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