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If you are a new parent and your baby is crying due to hunger, you would need to quickly fix a meal when you can’t breastfeed, especially during nighttime when one just wants to sleep. Bottle warmers are made exclusively for such situations. Whether you want to warm up pumped breast-milk or frozen food or make formula, bottle warmers do it all in a couple of minutes. Bottle coolers, on the other hand, help keep the breast-milk fresh for hours for whenever the baby is up for a nutritious repast.

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In their formative years, infants need to be fed frequently, and it is vital to give them the right food in the right conditions. With a growing body of women at work, it is inevitable for parents to ease up the task with the right kind of products.

Bottle warming appliances

It is with the preparation of formula things typically go wrong. One would need to turn on the burner, put some water in a tumbler, and heat it, mix it with a scoop of formula powder, which then ought to be poured into a feeding bottle. The water may not always be at the ideal temperature, which could lead to burning or irritation in the baby. However, one can easily place a bottle of formulaic milk directly into the bottle warmer, where it would be warmed up to the right temperature in just a few minutes.

Frozen, pureed food, and pumped milk can also be prepared the same way. Steam coming from the water poured into the warmer gently and safely heats the food to the like of babies. Bottle warmers can be set to a particular temperature or time that, when achieved, turns off automatically. The ample room to fit most bottles and the appliance's portability is desired when one wants to carry it around. Many bottle warmers can also be used to sterilize bottles.

Bottle coolers

Working mothers often need to keep aside 2-3 bottles of pumped milk or formula daily for their babies. They must stay fresh to retain nutrition. Bottle cooler bags work perfectly toward it by thermal insulation or ice packs. It ranges from cylindrical thermal bags that can hold one bottle to wider bags with ice packs underneath that can hold up to six. The milk can be consumed directly after leaving it at room temperature for a few minutes. The sturdy interior of the bags is waterproof and leak-proof, providing a hassle-free feeding time.

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