Top 12 Boys' Clogs & Mules

People are considered to make the best fashion statements when they are comfortable. Comfort has always been a priority in the mind of designers, the biggest example of which is the clogs and mules. Clogs and mules are the kind of footwear that have found a home everywhere, from elite ramps to basic households.

Boys' Clogs & Mules Buying Guide

Clogs and mules are commonly known as crocs around the world. They are simple-looking footwear resembling slippers but more trendy and comfortable. The popularity of clogs is how they enhance any look even after having a basic and unsophisticated build. It has been years since crocs started moving up the ladder of style, which has given birth to many different versions of them. People of all ages and genders wear clogs, but they are the most famous among young boys. This buying guide aims to uncomplicate the process of selecting the right clogs for all the buyers.

What is the morphology of a classic clog?

A classic clog usually has a strap near the ankles and covers almost the whole foot from above. It has little holes on its upper surface for air circulation, which is its main and most impressive quality. There are many styles of clogs available at hand for the buyer to choose from. Some of these styles are Crocband clogs, bistro clogs, and crocs slipper. Classic clogs are the most popular of all the clogs' varieties and the most comfortable.

Size and fit of clogs

Typically, people prefer to buy clogs a size bigger than their original size. This is done because clogs are worn for casual wear and not for heavy walks and runs. However, if the buyer is choosing clogs for a kid, they should buy them their size as kids like running around all over the space, and a roomy clog might make them feel uncomfortable. If the buyer is purchasing their kid a pair of clogs for daily wear, they should go for a relaxed fit instead.

The material of a clog

The buyer must ensure that the material used for making clogs is durable and highly flexible. The crocs should not retain any debris and moisture no matter which material they are made of. Since the crocs are mostly used for casual wear, they should be lightweight, buoyant and have zero to minimum heels. The buyer should also check whether the material contains any substance that the child might be allergic to.

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