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If there is an outfit that equally balances out both comfort and style, it is the dungaree. Dungarees are adored by children and adults alike. Indeed, it has a chic look to it while being casual. If you are looking for a good dungaree specifically for your boy, you have come to the right place. This guide will help you make an informed choice from the plethora of options out there.

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Boys' Dungarees Buying Guide

Dungarees have many names as many variants of the same garment have been used for multiple occasions. The overalls, also known as bib-and-brace overalls, were used as a protective garment when working in factories and the like. Indeed, this quality makes them perfect clothing for children, especially young boys who play in the most adventurous of locations and circumstances. They are also a very fashionable and attractive garment that will suit your adorable child on any occasion.

No, it's not just in denim

It is a common misunderstanding that dungarees are available just in the denim material. While it is true that dungarees traditionally have been made only in denim and that there is a wide preference for it, they are presently stitched in a variety of fabrics. Soft kinds of cotton, leather, you name it. In fact, dungarees made specifically for rainy seasons are made of PU or other water-resistant materials with inner fleece lining. Regardless of the fabric, dungarees must be machine washable.

Wear it all year round!

Unlike much other clothing, dungarees are versatile pieces that can be worn all year round. Is it a hot summer day? Pair up a short cotton dungaree in a light colour with a sleeveless white T-shirt. If it is autumn, wear a full-length denim dungaree with a full-sleeve T-shirt to resist those slowly lowering temperature. For winter, pair up a turtleneck woollen T-shirt with a leather dungaree. Mittens and shoes would go along perfect.

Some features to consider

Many dungarees come with buckles for fastening. Some boys, especially the young ones, may not prefer them as its operation can get a little tricky. Buttons are a better alternative for them. Adjustable straps are another feature one must ensure as young boys have growth spurts every now and then. Having at least two pockets are ideal for dungarees and children's clothing in general as they can keep emergency contacts or information in them. Elastic braces and stirrups, elasticated waist etc., are other additional features that need to be considered to your boy's liking. 

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