Top 12 Boys' Rugby Boots

Kick with full vigour with rugby boots. Wearing the ideal footwear will enhance your sporting endeavour by providing the exact amount of stability and kicking power. Rugby boots come with studs to proffer you extra balance and boost your kicking performance. Every time you enter the ground, simply play for the win.

Boys' Rugby Boots Buying Guide

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A Peek into Rugby Football:

Rugby is an offspring of football established in 1845 in England at 'Rugby'; this is how it gets its name. Two teams compete against each other with each team comprising 15 players and seven substitutes. Running is a vital factor that can give one team an edge over the other. For this extra edge, you require to wear the ideal footwear known as 'rugby boots'. Your running agility matched with your winning spirit will help win the competition every time you enter the battlefield.

Rugby Boots Are Nothing Like the Regular Ones:

Rugby boots come with eight studs fixed at the base of the shoe's sole. Two studs are located at the rear end of the shoe underneath the heel area while we attach the rest at the shoes' frontal area. These studs aid in stability and boosts the kicking power of the player. As compared to the standard football boots, they are much broader and provide a greater surface area for increased steadiness. Rugby boots come with a shaft height that reaches the ankles to provide support to your ankles and avoid sprains. We craft the studs from heavy-duty metals like aluminium.

Play Your Sport with Ideal Footwear:

Based on your match's venue, there are two kinds of rugby boots available: soft ground and firm ground. Soft ground ones are ideal for natural terrains. Unleash the footballer within you and never stop competing.