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If we look at our surroundings, we are likely to find that most objects are constructed with metal. But metal alone can be found in several forms and one common alloy of metal widely used today is brass. To be more precise, brass contains zinc & copper traces and is considered a non-ferrous metal. Brass has several uses, including industrial and residential applications, making it a popular choice for many. However, brass is found in many shapes and forms, and one commonly-used variation is brass bars.

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Brass Bars Buying Guide

Non-ferrous metals, including brass, are non-magnetic, making brass an excellent component for electronic devices. However, some brass forms like rods and pipes are more rigid, making them harder to use. But brass bars are easier to work with and can be cut into different shapes or sizes using the right tools and equipment. Everyday uses of a brass bar include everything from plumbing fittings and door handles to decorative items and musical instruments. Even though brass bars are an excellent fit for many purposes, buying one requires some contemplation and this guide is here to help.

Mechanical Properties and Good Quality are Vital

Despite your purpose of buying a brass bar, it is crucial to ensure that the bar is of premium quality and has good mechanical properties. Mechanical properties determine the strength the material can withstand and its elasticity, both of which are somewhat necessary for industrial applications. As far as the quality of a brass bar is concerned, it must have strong wear resistance, hardness, and most importantly, corrosion resistance. However, extreme hardness may be a disadvantage in certain situations and going with a medium-hard brass bar is more suitable.

Size, Thickness, and Shape

One would expect all brass bars to look the same, but they do not, and there are various options buyers can choose from. Starting with size, buyers must consider the brass bar’s length and width depending on their requirement. For instance, if you want to use the bar for crafting, a smaller size might be more appropriate. Similarly, buyers need to choose the brass bar’s thickness, but it is essential to remember that the more its thickness, the harder it is to use. Lastly, you need to choose from different shapes – flat, rectangle, square, and round.

Machinability and Weldability are a Must

Buying a brass bar that cannot be welded or machined is out of the question, especially if used for industrial purposes. However, excellent weldability and machinability are also essential for general and residential use, even if it something as basic as crafting, tooling, or plumbing. Therefore, before choosing a particular brass bar, buyers must ensure that it can be easily cut (machined) and welded.

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