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Cajons can be an excellent replacement for drums as you can operate them by striking its surface called tapa. An ideal Cajon is made from good quality wood with its striking surface made from plywood to produce fantastic sound notes. With an adjustable soundboard and snare and bass tone control, you'd fall in love with Cajons.

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Ever thought of a drum replacement? Cajons it is. A Cajon is a cube-shaped percussion tool that originates from Peru. They produce rhythmic notes when their walls are banged using our hands or mallets. You are liberal enough to be as creative as you wish and use pencils, wooden sticks and paintbrushes as well to witness which one comes with a more desirable musical note.

Cajon Specifications and Materials Used:

The cube's five faces are crafted from wooden sheets whose thickness ranges from ½ to ¾ inches. The cube's final face is covered with a thin plywood sheet that becomes the surface area for striking and producing a note. A round opening is cut at the rear side of the striking face, known as the sound-hole. For a steady stature, Cajons come with rubber feet. A couple of adjustable screws are installed on the top surface to modify the percussive timbre of the Cajon.

How to Grab the Best Cajon Accessible?

Though companies curate Cajons distinct from one another, specific factors used to build them remain the same. They are overall made to fit in a standard set benchmark to boost sales. Factors that you need to look out for are snare and bass tone balance, adjustable soundboard, quality of tapa, competence level, compatibility, and materials used for construction.

A More Detailed Touch:

The striking surface of a Cajon is known as a tapa. A tapa built from plywood than any other material would be of great help. Plywood is durable and soft enough to produce significant notes with ease. The Cajon you settle for should match your level of expertise in the field. There are different variants manufactured for beginners and advanced-level professionals. Professional ones come with multiple tapas to simultaneously produce several sounds, while beginner ones come with a single tapa.

A Cajon works like a seat while you play it. You need to sit and lean forward a bit over its surface to play it well. It is wise to suit its size with your body dimensions before purchasing one. Any Cajon with more bass than snare tone and vice-versa would hinder its performance and music delivery; hence, it is advisable to go for a tool that strikes the perfect balance between bass and snare tone. An adjustable soundboard will modulate the sound quality and intonations. An excellent quality Cajon is produced either from walnut, ash, oak, mahogany or cedarwood.

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