Top 12 Cake Plates

Cakes are an instant mood-lifter and symbolic of happiness and celebration. As much as we love having delicious cakes baked to perfection, the presentation adds an X factor to it. Cake plates are excellent kitchenware to own to relish the experience of having a delectable cake. This guide will assist in making the right choice of cake plates that is suitable for you.

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Cake Plates Buying Guide

Cakes have made their way into every celebration, be it birthdays, anniversaries, promotions etc. Serving and cutting cakes should be a fuss-free process, and cake plates ensure just that. They are also available in a diverse range of sizes, colours and designs. It provides a wholesome experience to a cake lover and people, in general, to enjoy this little piece of happiness served on a cake plate without creating any mess.

Rotating Cake Plate for easy baking and serving

The rotating cake plate is a wonderful baking accessory as it facilitates the smooth decoration of the cake, making it all the more alluring. The plate is incorporated with a suction pad that prevents the cake from slipping. It also comes with baking accessories like a cake base, dough spatula, piping nozzles and bags. It has a raised platform, and the lock function acts as a perfect add-on to adorn all sides of the cakes equally. This ensures effortless baking and serving of the cake.

Rim style cake plates for a classy look

Rim style cake plates are exquisite and make for a fascinating sight in the kitchen, especially for a crockery hoarder. It can be availed in different colours like turquoise, pink, hot pink, violet etc. It is embellished with a golden frame that further highlights the colour of the plate. It can also be a perfect present for anyone with a knack for decoration. These plates accentuate the elegance of a fine dining experience.

Cake plates with lids

These type of plates are best suitable for parties, celebrations, buffets, catering businesses etc. The cover on the plates keeps the cake fresh, soft and hygienic for a longer time. It has a transparent cover made up of stainless steel, which prevents wear and tears for an extended period. The bonnet is moulded from polystyrene and can be efficiently stacked in the kitchen without taking up much space.

Plates to suit your need

A wide range of plates is available to cater to everyone's need. Baking is an art, and the right kind of cake plate plays an essential role in it. Ganashing, icing, frosting for cupcakes and muffins makes it even more irresistible. Cake plates can be used for ganache, smooth baking, easy transport etc. It aids to accomplish a flat top and whetted edges to the cake.  It is constructed of food-grade acrylic and ranges from 3 inches to 14.5 inches in size.