Top 12 Can Openers

Whether you are opening a beer bottle on a relaxing weekend or heating a pack of your favourite canned food – a can opener might be just what you need to get the job done. Even though you might not use one daily, can openers can come in quite handy around the house or workplace. Better yet, browsing through and picking out can openers isn’t as basic and boring as it used to be, and you’d be surprised at the modern features & technology can openers are loaded with.

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Can Openers Buying Guide

Can openers are a must-have tool for the kitchen and household and is an excellent and somewhat necessary investment for anyone who owns a restaurant, café, or bar. You can even keep one at the office or for your employees as it does a lot more than opening tin cans and bottled beverages. Moreover, there are several choices for one to choose from, including both manual & automatic (or electrical) can openers. But a potential buyer should consider some factors first – that this detailed buying guide will explain.

Is an Electric Can Opener Worth It?

If you think about it, using a regular can opener does not require much effort, and it is pretty easy to do so – making electric can openers a luxury purchase. However, they are an excellent option for the elderly and people with arthritis or limited hand mobility. But if you do purchase an electric can opener, make sure it doesn’t have a complicated operating system and stops automatically once the lid is removed. Similarly, the opener must have a lid retaining magnet/handle for safe disposal plus a removable blade for easy cleaning. 

High-Quality Construction is Essential

Whether you buy an automatic or manual can opener, it is essential to ensure it is constructed with superior quality materials. For instance, the opener’s blade, disc, or cutter should be made using premium stainless steel as it is robust, durable, and reliable. Similarly, the outer body should be sturdy and able to withstand over time wear and tear such as plastic. Moreover, the can opener must have non-slip, large, contoured, comfortable, and easy-grip handles (if going for a manual one) that distribute pressure evenly. Also, the can opener should be lightweight and easy to store when not in use. 

Other Features to Keep in Check

Although most can openers can be used for opening bottles, some electric openers come with added features such as a knife sharpener – which is something buyers can consider. But no matter which type of can opener you prefer, make sure it works with cans of all sizes and doesn’t leave behind sharp edges. The can opener must be corrosion, stain, and odour-resistant and dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance. Buyers should go for can openers with an extended warranty or guarantee period for hassle-free replacement and exchange.