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For many of you who own a four-wheeler for commute, your car might not just be a just a means of transportation, but a possession you adore deeply or are proud of. Indeed, we often attribute beauty and style to motor vehicles, and one's favourite car might not just be decided on its mechanical efficiency and budget, but also aesthetic. One sure way to add to the visual appeal of a car's interior is to cover its seats with car seat protectors. Of course, as the name suggests, their goals include protecting the car sheet by shielding them.

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Car Seat Protectors Buying Guide

Though you can do without car seat protectors, only a few do not opt for them. Anything from dirt, water or even vomit (I am sure new parents are aware) can ruin your car seat's functionality and visual appeal. Not to mention years' of eventual tear and wear culminating in a not-so-pleasant view of the interior. But why worry when you can pick a few affordable car seat protectors to safeguard the interior of your ride? This guide will help you to make informed choices when buying a car seat protector for yourself.

Size and fit of the car seat protector

Not all car models have the same size of seats. Some may be more horizontally aligned; others vertically. Some cars may have benches instead of standard chair modelled seats. Choosing the right side of your seat is important to ensure that you can sit comfortably on it. Some people prefer perfectly fitted protectors for a good reason- they do not cause any crease or crumple. However, if your concern is only the wear and tear of the seat and not much on its aesthetic, you can pick a simple cover that spreads on the seat without needing to be tucked.

Choosing the right material

The fabric the protector is made of is crucial in deciding the efficiency of your car seat protectors. How the seat feels with the protector on, how it looks and how much protection does it offer etc., are all deciding factors. Cotton is highly affordable and breathable, making them perfect for a hot summer day. They are also easy maintenance and washable. Velour is a much more luxurious option that is soft, thick and durable, perfect for colder climates as opposed to cotton protectors.For baby seats, oxford car seat protectors are usually used. They are waterproof, thus easy to clean with just a simple wipe. Meanwhile, leather is the most luxurious of all the options that offer impeccable visual appeal and unmatchable durability. They protect the seats against damage from rough objects.