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Carbon copy papers are valuable equipment used to replicate a written document or an image on multiple papers or other surfaces effortlessly. If you are confused about buying an ideal carbon copy paper for your stationery requirements, this guide will help you make the right choice.

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Carbon Copy Paper Buying Guide

Though much has changed in printing technology over the last couple of decades, carbon copy papers are still widely used in many areas, for instance, in art, in manual bills and receipts, or in-office spaces where old school ways of copying are still in use.

Impression quality is crucial

Carbon sheets must duplicate the writing or image free of smear, as a clear and bold impression on the paper. Poor quality carbon sheets often end up smudging the paper, which is not the result anyone is looking for. The number of papers a carbon copy sheet can make an impression on at a time is also a feature to be considered. Higher grade carbon copies can replicate on up to 4 or 5 sheets simultaneously without compromising the depth of ink being printed.

Make copies of any colour!

Carbon copy papers are mainly produced in two standard colours: blue and black. Indeed, they are the most demanded shades, particularly for official use. However, many colour variants of carbon sheets are now available in the market due to increased demand by hobbyists and artists. Whether you want to prepare receipts at your local store or to make greeting cards for everyone for Christmas, carbon sheets in different colours are a lifesaver for people doing different kinds of work.

Not just limited to the use on paper

Though carbon copy sheets are typically used to copy on papers, many other surfaces are used. They are also called carbon transfer papers and come with greater carbon quantities for replicating on more challenging surfaces like canvases, glass, metals, fabrics etc. Highly useful in making art pottery and pictures for embroidery, they may also come with tracing tools appropriate for the surface they are used on.