Top 12 Cargo Nets

A cargo net can be a useful tool when transporting items, whether in a semi-truck trailer or a simple pickup truck. All goods – small and big, tend to shift/slip or move around during transport, but using cargo nets can reduce their movement and prevent the items from damage. Cargo nets have a web-pattern stitch similar to a grid and have several attachment or anchor points to secure any goods. Even if you're travelling to a different city and need to transport your belongings safely, cargo nets can come in handy.

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Cargo Nets Buying Guide

Although typically used for trucks beds, cargo nets are also suitable for two-wheeled vehicles like bikes and scooters plus cars and trailers. The way one puts a cargo net to use is entirely up to them, and the net's versatility is what makes it a popular purchase for all kinds of transportation. Cargo nets are not that expensive and do not require regular maintenance; two more advantages a buyer should keep in mind. Even though there are many benefits to purchasing cargo nets, it is best to consider some features first.

Premium Quality is a Must

Since cargo nets are designed to keep items or goods safe and secure during transportation and act as safety nets, one should not compromise when it comes to quality. Whether you are buying a cargo net for a pickup truck or a motorcycle, be sure to choose a suitable material like elastic rubber or bungee for excellent elasticity and high extensibility. It is also essential to ensure that the net is reliable, durable, and has a long service life. UV-resistance is another excellent feature that can prevent the net from rotting, especially during sunny days.

Sufficient Hooks & Carabiners

Buyers should not buy cargo nets without sufficient attachment hooks as they are essential to keep the goods in place, and the more the hooks, the better the security. The clip(s) must be easy to attach and covered to avoid damage to your vehicle's surface or sides. Although hooks are sturdy, carabiners are a better option as they do not break easily and tend to last longer even after rough use. However, buyers must ensure the hooks or carabiners are of high quality and made with high-strength materials like aluminium or stainless steel.

Size and Other Features

Selecting a cargo net's size depends on two things – the vehicle's surface area and how much items you want to transport. Some brands/sellers even offer customised sizes if buyers cannot find a suitable one for them. However, if using highly-elasticised cargo nets, it is better not to buy too large an extent as they can be quite stretchable. Nets can be harsh on our skin, which is why a hand-woven cargo net is a better choice as they are softer and protect against hand injuries.