Top 12 Carrier Slings

Carrier slings are used to comfortably carry newborn babies while walking or while doing any household work for you. They are made up of soft fabric and are very easy to carry a baby if proper safety guidelines are followed. They can be worn on your chest, hip and back and comes in various varieties and patterns.

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Carrier Slings Buying Guide

Carrier slings are comfortable and adjustable carriers to safely and comfortably carry a newborn baby over your chest, hip, or back. Since the babies' safety is of utmost importance, certain features and criteria are looked upon while purchasing carrier slings. This comprehensive guide is a step to jot down the components necessary to be looked upon while buying a carrier sling for your babies.

Easy to wear

The best carrier, the sling, is the one which is easy to wear and carry. With adjustable bands of the carrier slings, it becomes easy to adjust it whenever you do your work while carrying the baby. When the carries sling is wrapped up tighter and the baby, there is no chance of baby falling or the sling losing. Apart from this, it always remains clean.

Comfortable for you to carry

The carrier sling for the newborn baby should be comfortable to carry on the back, hip or chest of the mother. It should also be ergonomic and breathable carrier sling and offer you to unload the weight or loosen the sling whenever you wish to. Thus, it would provide you with the comfort that you need.

Excellent for drawn-out use

Often carrier slings get lose after their prolonged use and thus need repair. So, you have to look for those carrier slings for your baby that are durable and not require frequent binding. Buy carrier slings made up of cotton fabric that are comfortable and do not become dull or lose after regular use.

Fit for any position

A carrier sling is best when it is useful for newborn babies as well as for cradles. Thus, you carry your baby comfortably on your back while working, walking or doing any task without any worry.