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Have you ever had to travel with your newborn and stay at a friend's house or a hotel? Have you had to carry constantly around your three or four-month-year-old baby? If so, then you must be aware that those can be nerve-racking things to do. Your newborn needs to have a cot of their own until they reach a certain age to prevent any allergies or germs- you, as an adult, sleeping in a hotel bed is way different than an infant sleeping on a foreign surface. Carrycots are your ultimate solution for the concern.

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Carrycots Buying Guide

Besides providing a safe and familiar space for your child when staying at friends' or relatives', carrycots come in handy you do not want to carry the baby on your chest. Your baby stays snug inside the carrycot, and you might just need to carry its handle with one hand. However, this feature cannot be applied to all carrycots.

The right size

To state the obvious- size is the most crucial deciding factor of a carrycot. Your child must fit the cot with some space left on the sides for maximum comfort. If your baby can barely stay inside it, then it is counterproductive. Remember, there should not be a lot of room left in it either, as it increases the chances of your child moving around a lot and crawling out of the carrycot. It should also be comfortable, with ample padding using breathable materials. Though a thin, soft pillow may be good for toddlers, younger infants do not need that.

Other critical aspects

After deciding on the size, you must see how lightweight the carrycot is. Remember, you are travelling and moving around. The last thing you want is a heavy bulk to carry around. Carrycots must be foldable and compact, lightweight yet sturdy, and should fit flight cabins, car dickeys and suitcases. They must also be user friendly, i.e. the carrycot must require only simple installation or mechanism. An easy fold-unfold design is ideal. There must be soft buckles and straps to keep your baby snug inside the carrycot, especially if you are carrying it around to ensure safety.

Additional features to explore

A canopy made of mesh helps cover the baby's cot while letting you watch them. Carrycots should be made of breathable materials. Your baby must not cry at night due to the heat many synthetic materials trap. Ideally, each part of the carrycot must be detachable for you to wash or clean efficiently. Carrycots can be as colourful and vibrant as they can to attract babies to it, though any accessories, hanging or otherwise, are uncalled for and potentially hazardous.

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