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Chains are one of the most versatile items that one can use for a variety of purposes. Since chains are generally available at modest prices, it is essential to look at the chain's quality and build before purchasing it. Apart from these factors, there many more elements that every buyer should consider while browsing for chains.

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Based on the build and sturdiness, chains can serve a wide range of distinct purposes. Generally made of metal, one can use heavy-duty chains to lift, hold, pull, haul, hoist, secure, and many more. Chains are prevalent in the material handling industry because of their multifold advantages. Traditionally, wrought iron was the material used for making chains. However, advancements in the chain welding and manufacturing process have produced steel as the most commonly used material. Still, there are many other deciding factors one needs to consider before purchasing chain links.

Availability of various load capacities

Not all kinds of chains have the same load-bearing capacity. As a buyer, you must first determine your purpose for buying the chain link. If you require the chain links for light loads, securing backpacks, or as gym/weightlifting equipment, you can find chains with a load capacity of 100 to 500 kgs. But if you require chains for heavy-load lifting (like in material and product handling industries), you can find chains with too high load-lifting capacities of 10,000 kgs.

Chain finishing variants

Chain finishing is the process by which manufacturers increase the chain's life and durability. Several different techniques are there for chain finishings, with each one having individual characteristics. Hot galvanisation is the most popular process for applying a protective layer over steel. It's one of the most effective methods for preserving the chain against rusting or corrosion. Zinc plating is another fairly common technique for rust-prevention. However, since a thin layer of zinc gets applied in the process, it's less efficient than hot galvanisation.

Selecting the right length

Besides searching for good build quality, it is also vital to look for a chain's right length. The manufacturers always mention the chain length in their product description. For light purposes, you do not require long chains, and hence, carabiners are an excellent option. These types of chain links require manual opening and closing of the buckles to connect them. One can either purchase an all-carabiner chain or a single chain with two carabiners for a free adjustment. Carabiner chains offer more flexibility to users when it comes to length but tend to be a bit expensive than standard chains.

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