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Traditionally handled only by loggers, carpenters and farmers, chainsaws are powerful tools that can now be seen in almost every house. This mighty equipment comes helpful for an array of jobs in and around your house- from your DIY mini woodhouse to even felling trees. However, with powerfulness comes risks; thus, buying a chainsaw for yourself requires awareness and caution. This comprehensive guide will help you in choosing the right chainsaw catering to your specific needs.

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Chain Saws Buying Guide

Chainsaws may look like dangerous machines, and indeed, there is some truth in it. People get lacerated at times when using the wrong equipment, especially inexperienced. However, using the right tool properly virtually poses no hazards.

The size of the chainsaw

Perhaps the most crucial factor to consider when buying a chainsaw as a beginner is its size. Working with large chainsaws can pose threats until they master using the tool for someone inexperienced, especially with a smaller or weaker stature. Many small, easily manoeuvrable chainsaws are available in the market, specifically for such needs that do not compromise efficiency. The only downside is that they cannot be used to fell a tree or similar heavy-duty tasks, but then again, as a beginner, you would not be attempting them.

The many types

There is an array of choices in chainsaws with regard to the overall size, guide bars, chains etc. However, a broad way to classify them is by how they are powered. Gas-powered chainsaws are the fastest and cut quickly and seamlessly. They are ideal for heavy-duty work. A few downsides are that they require frequent fueling and maintenance. They are also noisier and heavier and can emit several fumes, some potentially toxic. Some of them may also demand a dozen yanks to start.

Corded-electric chainsaws are much more affordable, less noisy and relatively light. However, they may not be a fit for most heavy-duty work, especially since they need to be plugged in an outlet to function. Battery-powered chainsaws are a better choice if you do not want to handle a chord. They can be as efficient as a light-duty gas-powered chainsaw and may cost around the same. The downsides are that they won't work for prolonged hours as they have to be charged after a while, or their batteries need to be replaced intermittently, which can get expensive.

Safety measures to consider

Today's chainsaws come with many advanced features like a chain brake that instantly halts the chain if the chainsaw kicks back or the front handguard is pushed. Gas-powered chainsaws generally come with rubber bushings between the handle and the rest of the machine to reduce the vibration. Reducing vibration not only offers safety but easy operation.

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