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Chain slings are vital in any industry that requires heavy loads to be lifted. From carrying a pack of cement to the topmost floor of a building under construction to sliding timber from a truck to the ground, chain slings have several roles in multiple arenas without which many functions won't be actualised. This guide will help you in understanding this versatile equipment and making the right choices when buying it.

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Chain Slings Buying Guide

In rigging equipment, chain slings have an all-time relevance for their outstanding durability. It is no surprise that in several industries, the same chain slings have been used for over 50 years. And unlike riggers made from other materials like round polyester slings, nylon web slings etc., they are cut resistant and temperature tolerant.

The chain sling trio

Although the purposes are essentially the same, chain slings come in three different types depending on their legs. The leg in a chain sling refers to the chain hanging from the master link or hooks on its top. There are single-legged, double legged and multi-legged chain slings, and as the terms suggest, they have one, two or multiple chains on them respectively.

Uses depending on the duty

The single-leg chain sling supports evenly distributed load. Although it holds relatively lighter loads, depending on the weight capacity and strength, it could lift tens of thousands of kilograms of weights. Double leg chain slings may support heavier, uneven loads and multi-leg chain slings for hefty and odd-shaped loads. Handling multi-leg chain slings need utmost care in that they need to be accurately configured for safety and maximum functionality. Some chain slings can support different hooks and links and hence, custom-made.

Find quintessential features

Chain slings are typically made of manganese steel for its impeccable impact strength as well as abrasion-resistance ability. They can withstand a range of temperature levels, and you must buy the ones that are appropriate to your nature of work and atmosphere. Not following this rule could potentially be a safety hazard. The feature of shortening helps much in instances where long chains could cause imbalance while lifting. A self-locking mechanism in the hook ensures safety should any mistake be done while fastening.

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