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Covers save you from a cleaning dilemma. Choose a waterproof multi-usable cover that does not lose its absorbability after a couple of washing. Go for the softest one, as your baby might be on changing pads several times a day. The liner should not repel liquid, and the discharge should not puddle near the baby’s skin.

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Changing Pad Covers Buying Guide

Changing pad covers ensure the longevity of your mattress and give a healthy, hygienic sleep environment. It is not easy to wash the changing pad every time it is stained, but washing a cover is easy. The variety ranges from waterproof options to anti-allergy, covering a diversity of needs. The cover provides an extra layer of comfort.

Features for maximum security

The thickness of mattress protection determines how protective it is. The thicker the cover, the more it safeguards against bugs or damage. Consider the material most suitable for your baby. Stain resistance cover can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly. Anit-allergy protection discourages allergies helpful for kids who already suffer from some allergy. You are getting cover for dealing with stains and spills, so it is better to choose a material that is easy to wash. They should be odourless too.

Material options you have

Polyester is a semi-waterproof material that dries quickly and is easy to clean. Organic cotton is the most considerable choice as they are comfortable for almost every skin type. Bamboo is super breathable and antibacterial, and soft. They have thermo-regulating capacities, which will keep your baby clean during summer and warm in winter. Bamboos are lightweight and odour resistant. Non-woven fabric is more breathable and reduces the risk of allergies. Cotton muslin is cushiony, stylish and breathable. You can get gender-specific and gender-neutral covers

Types of fittings

A Zipper cover completely closes the pad and provides a secure casing. Elastic straps enclose all four corner of the pad. They are simple to remove but provide a little security. Liquid might reach the pad from disclosed sides. Fitted covers are similar to fitted sheets. They slide on to the edge and corners of the mattress.  

Versatile and attractive features

You can get a contoured design for wedge-shaped or raised edge pads. If your child wriggles too much during change, go for a non-slip or non-skid cover. Start with examing the shape of the pad. Covers with colourful patterns or drawing keep the baby distracted during the changing process. Look for darker colours as stains are more visible on lighter shades which can destroy the look. Elastic bottom and buckle straps guarantees to stay in place. You can get covers in various colours and design. Buy several at once to use a fresh one every time the pad gets stained.

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