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Whether you run a trendy cafe or an upscale lounge, a check presenter is a must. It is an essential accessory that helps you in displaying politeness and respect to customers. The accessory hasn't enjoyed the spotlight it should've in all these years!

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Check Presenters Buying Guide

In the hospitality industry, excellent ambience and service can win you brownie points. A check presenter is one such accessory. It can make or break your brand's image. In this buying guide, we help you choose the right check presenter to save you from all headaches.

Why a check presenter is an excellent accessory to have in your restaurant?

A check presenter is used to handover the bill in a polite manner in restaurants, bars, diners, eateries or drinking establishments. Plus, it saves the bill from getting soiled from food and drinks and allows the guest to pay the bill decently. When you present the bill in a piece of paper, it looks inappropriate and can put your eatery's wrong impression. Also, to get the reviews of the guests, feedback forms can be presented with it. When customers are making payments through cards, they like to keep their information secure. A check presenter helps them do it.

Durability is a must

A check presenter should ideally be durable that can withstand thousands of uses. It is made from different types of materials like plastic, leather and vinyl. There is a high chance of bill holders getting stained with food and getting drenched in a place where food and drinks are served. Thus, It is practical to purchase a server bill holder that is washable, scratch-resistant as well as water-resistant.

Customisable check presenters

While the classic black server bill holder is the most commonly used option, check presenters are tailored to the clients' needs and likings. Who would want to go for the ordinary when one can show her/his creativity? A customised bill holder can build a positive image for your brand.  It is also possible to get your brand's logo printed on the check presenter.

Keeping in mind all the other factors.

A check presenter helps the customer hide the bill's amount; it helps build a positive perception about your brand in front of the customers. Apart from all the above factors, some additional features help buyers identify the best check presenters. A check presenter with an in-built side pockets keeps the customer's bills, receipts in place. Also, a separate pocket to hold and display the guest's card makes it even more convenient. Please ensure that the pockets don't rip easily and the bank cards slide comfortably in and out. Plus, zipper pockets which save the money from falling out.