Top 12 Cheese Plates

Cheese plates are more into trend due to its gaining popularity in platforms like Instagram. The cheese plate or cheese board or charcuterie is eating different cheese, meat, and bread varieties. Making it simple, but buying the right plate is difficult. That is the reason why are here!

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Cheese Plates Buying Guide

Google' how to buy right cheese plates' and all you see is making and selecting cheese for cheese plates. Isn't this annoying to search for something and to get the result as something else? But don't worry when we are here! We have categorised the information into three topics.  

Select the right shape and size

You have a lot of possibilities to choose the size and shape of your cheese plates. The size of the cheese plates vary but not drastically. They come with 9*13 inches as a standard size, and it expands to a size of 12*18 inches or more. As we talk about the shape, you have a square, rectangle, and round. You can select the one that you feel comfortable to carry and use. Mostly, rectangular boards are preferred as they can hold more than the other two shapes.

Do you only want wood?

As you can see, wood is a widely used material for cheese plates. It is because of the look and holding capacity of the boards. Yet there are other materials too such as ceramic, porcelain, and natural slate. Out of these materials, wood and ceramic are the most preferred materials when manufacturing a cheese board. You don't have to worry about the wooden plates, but you have to be careful not to break the ceramics. If you are opting a slate one, check for proper sealing in them.

Additional characteristics to munch

When buying cheese plates look for extra features like additional storage, the weight of the board, and cheese cutters. Some cheese plates come with extra space for cutlery while some boards come with added cutlery like spoons, knives, and fork. If you want to keep these in your boards separately imagine how much space will be occupied. Or if you will use extra sideboards, how many will you even need? Also check the weight of the cheese board as a heavy one will be difficult to pass.