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Ample storage space is vital to keep the ever-increasing stuff one tends to buy. When it comes to babies, the list seems to be endless. From the diapers to the toys to clothes, there are so many small items requiring separate storage space. Chests of drawers are the ideal products that come with distinguished sections to organise all the things properly.

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Chests of Drawers Buying Guide

Specific pre-requisites need to be checked in order to make an informed buying decision. Firstly, measure the room wherein you plan to place this piece of furniture so that it does not block the way & allows easy access to other things. The chests of drawers that have round edges are preferable, especially for baby rooms. The sharp-edged ones may pose an injury hazard to your baby. When your baby is sleeping, the last thing you want is to wake him up with the sound of the drawer slamming shut. Therefore, the ones with a soft-close operation are better.

Consider the list of items you need to store

Now, take a look at the things you are planning to keep in the chest of drawers. If it is going to be occupied with small things like socks & other sundries, then the space needed within the drawers would be less. But if you want to keep jackets & other heavier items, then drawers that are deeper & sturdier will be a better buy. Such options will also ensure an extended utility wherein your kid can use it for arranging his books, bags & other things as he grows up.

Visually attractive attributes

You need to consider the aesthetic features. The ones you select should effortlessly blend with your bedroom decor. Hence, the classic white ones can be regarded as a safe choice. If you are willing to go for the dressier ones, then the options are plenty. There are themed variants offered like party animals, jungle safari, etc.; these choices will add a pop of colour & give a fun vibe. Hence, these can be ideal choices for decorating your child's room. These items will help you teach organisational skills to your child & learn responsibility towards keeping his things in order.

Work well as a dressing table

If you are looking for some decent storage space for keeping your makeup kit & other accessories, then chest drawers can serve as an ideal choice. Some options come along with a mirror & have separate sections in the drawers to help you assemble items properly. Hence, these variants can be a perfect vanity unit. If you are looking for a little un-conventional yet stylish option, you can go for the variants that have hanging rails & hence can function as a mini-wardrobe.

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