Top 12 Children's Bath Towels

An essential component post a bath, one can find bath towels in a broad range of designs and colours. Children’s bath towels also serve multiple purposes and are quite economical. The presence of several types of bath towels in the market can make it confusing to choose for a buyer sometimes.

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Children's Bath Towels Buying Guide

Deciding on which one to select from the aisles of towels can be exhausting. Apart from the main function of absorbing water, bath towels are also an element of style. With a bit of knowledge about common bath towels, it can become extremely easier to pick one out. Properly-chosen bath towels will not only perform their job efficiently but also assist in enhancing the overall look of a bathroom.

Availability of Countless Designs

Children’s bath towels are commonly available in countless cartoon prints for an attractive appeal. The vibrancy and range of shades are also unmatched in such towels. For children, these towels are also available in hooded and button versions. One can easily use them as regular bath towels and as a cover-up while playing at beaches and pools. Depending on the size and dimensions, the prices can vary from £4 to £15 ordinarily.

Features That Make Up A Quality Bath Towel

A denser or heavier bath towel is generally more durable and extra absorbent. On the other hand, a light, airy, velvety-textured bath towel is more likely to be softer and faster-drying. Microfibre towels are among the quickest-drying bath towels after use, which get made using synthetic materials. Fabrics like Egyptian, Turkish, and Pima Cotton are known to be highly durable with proper care. Organic cotton towels are easier on the environment and highly absorbent. One can also select bamboo towels since they require fewer pesticides and fertilizers when compared to cotton.

Does The Weight Matter?

Children’s bath towels are usually around 300-500 gsm, which is quite light. Pure cotton comes in the category of the softest and most absorbent bath towels, but the denser a towel becomes, the more is the price. 620-900 gsm is the range of heavy towels that are a complete luxurious delight. In the end, the ultimate choice of a bath towel depends on the personal preferences of an individual.