Top 12 Children's Chairs

Separate chairs for children that are comfortable for them are a staple in every family with kids. This guide covers everything you need to know about comfortable children's chairs, including the various types and features to look out for in the chair if you want to guarantee a satisfactory purchase.

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Children's Chairs Buying Guide

Children's chairs is a category that is filled with a wide variety of options. The variety in design will be what stands out when you first delve into the world of kids' chairs. From solid pinks and blues to graphics and sketches of cartoon characters, there is bound to be a chair out there that tickles your child's fancies.

Folding chairs for children

Folding chairs are a popular option for outdoor activities. When selecting folding chairs for the little ones, there are a few factors to consider. The most important factor is portability. Folding chairs that are easily foldable, lightweight and come with a bag make it easy for you, or the child, to carry it around. Most chairs have legs that fold in on themselves, making them highly portable. A safety lock prevents accidental closure, and other features such as a food tray, cup holder, harness or canopy would be beneficial to have as well.

Busting out the bean bag chairs

Bean bags are another popular chair option for kids. Bean bags can either come pre-filled or with a detachable inner layer. Bags with a removable inner layer allow you to fill in the beans, or rather polystyrene beans, yourself. Pre-filled bags come with the beans already filled from the place of manufacture. The advantage of filling the beans yourself is that you can increase or decrease the number of beans in the bag, controlling the size and level of comfort.

So many more types

Chairs for children go beyond just folding chairs and bean bags. There are plenty of other types that you can choose from for your little one. Plastic chairs can be a great addition to the child's play area. Outdoor plastic chairs are also an alternative to folding chairs, the only downside being that they cannot be folded. Desk chairs can be placed near the child's study table. Chairs with wheels are bound to fill your child with great joy as they can be easily wheeled around anywhere. Ensure to check the wheels frequently for any loose bolts or unbalanced wheels.

Size and material

When it comes to bean bags, a width that ranges from 60cm-80cm is considered perfect for children. The chairs must be just tall enough that the child can easily get in and out of the chair. The chairs must be made out of sturdy material that ensures the child's safety, yet at the same time must be comfortable; wood is the most popular material used for children's chairs.