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The musical instrument of chimes can be categorised under percussion. A classic instrument, it is used to create beautiful melodies. Buying chimes that have been appropriately built is essential to create good music.

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Quite a number of us play musical instruments. You might play your guitar as a hobby, or maybe you professionally play the flute. Either way, playing instruments is a fruitful, satisfying pursuit. One takes great delight in learning how to use it and finally being able to play it. It takes work and dedication, but the result pays off. After all, there is immense fulfilment in chasing artistic goals. Playing music acts like an outlet for many of us, a way to express how we feel without words. For others, it's an engaging way to spend time. Even during times of loneliness will musical instruments provide you with company and comfort. Chimes are timeless instrument that can be categorised with drums and percussion.

What are the rods made of?

What the rods of chimes are made of will tell you the kind of sounds it will produce. Various materials are used to construct chimes: metal, wood, even unusual elements like bamboo, glass, earthenware, and shell. Wooden chimes will produce an earthy sound, but the rods of chimes are most commonly built using metals like aluminium. You will find chimes whose rods are made of alloys of metals, too; some alloys include as many as 11 different metals! If such alloys include elements like aluminium and titanium, the chimes will give you beautifully clear sounds. Chrome chimes usually have bright and crisp sounds.

How are the rods built?

It's not just about what the rods of chimes are made of; it is equally important to know how they have been made. Some have solid rods made of metal. They produce a rich, metallic sound. Hollow tubes tend to produce more sustained sounds; how sustained they depend on the thickness of their walls.

Stands and sticks

Some chimes come with mounting stands while others don't. Chimes are usually mounted on cymbal stands. If you purchase the mount separately, make sure that it is compatible with the chimes. It becomes easier if your chimes come with their own mounting stand; you can straightaway start using it. Some chimes come with sticks too. The mounting stand should hold the chimes snugly and securely in place. However, make sure that the mounting stand and sticks are of good quality; if not, invest in them separately.

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