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Clarinets are excellent instruments to play for a lifetime. Their dark & earthy tones, along with a mix of other notes, can help you understand & appreciate different forms of music as well. If you are a student musician, you will need to consider certain aspects while deciding to buy a clarinet.

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Clarinets Buying Guide

There are elegant clarinets made of plastic & other synthetic natured materials, which are ideal for beginners. As a student, one may inadvertently mishandle the instrument. Therefore, the student clarinets are made with particular attention to sturdiness. There are nearly ten different types of clarinets. The bass clarinets are popular in high school bands. However, your music teacher can guide you on the one that will work well for you, depending on your playing needs. Clarinets are simple instruments to learn & as you mature in your learning journey, you can experiment with the other types of clarinets.

Aspects worth noting while purchasing

Playing the clarinet can improve the way you process & retain information. Thus, such a positive impact on brain functioning can also lead to outstanding academic success. Some things need to be considered to make the right selection. Firstly, the keys should cover the clarinet adequately without sticking. The keypads should also be thicker, which help in greater comfort while playing. The joints need to be smooth. The bore needs to be clean & the one made of wood can be preferred. The flared end of the clarinet should not have any cracks to ensure perfect performance.

Fantastic set of accessories on offer

Along with the clarinet, some other accessories also need to be purchased. You will need to purchase a new mouthpiece. When you are a learner, there can be situations where reeds occasionally break due to biting. Reeds also get brittle over-time. In crucial circumstances, the reeds may break down like before tryouts or band concerts. Thus, it is wise to keep a box of replacement reeds handy. Other accessories include things like polishing cloth, a sturdy carrying case, bore oil & brushes. Thankfully, many manufacturers provide these along with the clarinet. However, you can purchase them separately as well.

Recommendations regarding use & care

It is advisable to store the clarinet in its case to avoid any damage. You need to take special care of your clarinet, which is made of hardwood, because in a dry climate, the wood may lose moisture & affect the instrument's utility. Therefore, you can use a humidifier to protect the instrument from drying or cracking. It is essential to apply oil to the bore to ensure it is clean. It would help if you increased your playtime gradually to ensure extended useability from the clarinet.

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