Top 12 Cocktail Shakers

There is no replacement for cocktail shakers when you are preparing a refreshing cocktail for guests. With the right blend of ingredients, a cocktail shaker can ensure a magical beverage mix where you can truly understand its essence. While buying your very own stylish cocktail shaker, make sure to consider various factors.

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Cocktail Shakers Buying Guide

Cocktail shaker completes the quintessential image of a bartender serving customers. One of the best materials used in it is stainless steel storing up to 750 ml of ingredients in one go. The classic design is weighted and works as a new version of the strainer. It is effortless and easy to use once you get the hang of it. From beginners to experienced bartenders, this type of cocktail shaker can be a milestone to achieve and impress the customers. Designed with comfort in mind, there are no sharp edges, and it reduces damage on fingers.

Cocktail Making Set

A premium cocktail making set includes a cocktail shaker, bottle pourers, ice strainer, mesh ice strainer recipe card, jigger, mojito muddler and a bar spoon to be fully equipped. You can use this set at home as well as the bar to meet your needs. The variety of drinks a bartender can expect to create are Tequila Sunrise, Margarita, Manhattan long island iced tea and many more for suiting any occasions. Moreover, it is considered as a great choice of gift for birthday, housewarming or Christmas.

Portable and Convenient

You do not need to purchase additional tool cocktail accessories as the shaker set can be portable and convenient for use. For most cocktail lovers, it is surprisingly a great gift which showcases your love and thoughtfulness. Ensure the shaker's material does it leech off harmful chemicals or affect the drink's flavour in any way. It is easy to clean and wash in simple ways by rinsing it with warm water and soap. Whether an amateur or a professional bartender, you can become a cocktail mixing guru with the right set of cocktail shaker kits.

Design of the Cocktail Shaker

The French cocktail shaker's design must be so that a bartender can serve the drink without fear of spilling. Once the lid is closed with a blend of ingredients, all you need to think about is how the beverage would entail while pouring. It all comes down to the shaking technique, but the process is enjoyable and straightforward as it takes about a minute to complete.