Top 12 Coffee Syrups

Coffees in restaurants and café taste differently, ever wondered why? To most, coffee is a beverage, a brewed mixture of coffee beans, milk and water, and is famous for its rich taste and calming effects. Their rich taste can also be enhanced by adding certain flavoured syrups.

Coffee Syrups Buying Guide

Coffee syrup is a tasty thick syrup. It is added to coffee to increase the flavour and saccharine taste. They are mixed in hot and cold beverages such as coffee and milkshakes. Also, it is used as dressings in ice-creams, brownies, muffins and other delicacies. The buyer can learn about the most famous flavours available in coffee syrups and their other varied uses in this article.

Why are coffee syrups used?

The sweetened syrups are used to enhance the taste and look of the beverages and desserts. In milkshakes, the syrups are combined with milk and other flavours. They are also used to garnish above ice-creams, desserts, sundaes etc. They are available in different unique flavours. Fruity, coffee, and tea are some familiar flavours.

Vanilla flavoured coffee syrups

Strawberry milkshakes, coffee, and other beverages pair well with vanilla syrups. They're known for their floral scent and creamy flavour. French vanilla and vanilla bean syrup are utilised for a richer, creamier flavour. The vanilla syrup gives a subtle sweetness.

Caramel and Hazelnut Flavoured coffee syrups

The caramel flavour is known for its saccharine taste, mainly used in seasonal beverages like frappes and lattes. After vanilla, caramel is the most favoured syrup used in coffees.  For a zest of salty flavour, salted caramel syrup is used, crème caramel for creaminess, while classic for a darker flavour. Hazelnut Syrup is used in both coffee and chocolate flavoured drinks. Classic hazelnut syrup is used in coffee varieties, while toasted hazelnut for milkshakes.

Chocolate flavoured coffee syrups

Chocolate flavoured coffee syrups are used in coffee and sweeten beverages such as mocha, hot cocoas, milkshakes and other frozen drinks. In chocolate milkshakes, the syrup is mixed with milk for a richer flavour. The classic flavour is rich and sweet. Dark chocolate syrup is bittersweet when compared to other chocolate syrups. They're used for glazing brownies, hot cocoa, and other treats. Syrups made of white chocolate are also available. They are also sweet and creates a rich look on the drink.

Lavender flavoured coffee syrups

Lavender syrups give a more herb-like flavour. The sweet floral flavour enhances the flavour of the drink it is added to. It also gives a floral aroma, enticing the individual. Lavender flavoured syrups are used in coffees, lemonades, bubble teas. Aside from the mentioned flavours, there are still more flavours available.

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