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Guitar produces excellent sound quality, but there are chances of betterment always. Hence guitar combo amps came into being. Combo amps are integrated units of a preamp and a speaker to deliver excellent sound frequencies. The amp's size, the thickness of the wooden cabinet, type of amp, open or closed-back makes a lot of difference.

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String instruments like guitars and violins need precision and practice to master the rhythm of sound. A guitarist understands the importance of loud and clear sound delivery to create an impact on the audience. A guitar on its own may not deliver a notch sound quality, so one needs a guitar combo amplifier.

What are Combo Amps?

Guitar amplifiers are electronic systems that pick up low sound levels from a guitar and amplify them via loudspeakers attached to the amp system. Guitar amplifiers come either as individual preamplifiers that require installation of a loudspeaker or an integrated system, including both the preamplifier and speakers for output. Combo amplifiers contain both preamplifiers and speakers placed inside a wooden cabinet.

Features of an Ideal Combo Amp:

The size of the combo amp you settle for depends on where you decide to play your guitar. For large masses, large-sized combo amps will create an impact by reaching the audience at all corners. You need to deliver a power-packed sound quality for a stereophonic effect using a 4x12" cabinet with a 100 Watts head. You may opt for a smaller amp for its sound intonations for small events and further amplify the volume using a PA system.

Features like bass control and volume control will modify the sound to deliver your kind of music. You can either opt for solid-state or tube amps. Modern amps come as hybrids with tube-based preamp and solid-state power amp. Modelling amps work on digital processors to boost sound quality. The thickness of the wooden cabinet is a critical factor for deciding the sound quality. Closed-back amps produce better bass.

Get the Best Out of Your Guitar:

Using your guitar all by itself may lack some crucial abilities to boost the sound quality. Hence, it would help if you had combo amplifiers to adjust sound frequencies based on your target audience and event size.

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