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Washing hands helps in keeping you healthy & prevents the spread of respiratory infections. The importance of cleaning your hands has been very well understood especially during these pandemic times. It is equally imperative to dry hands thoroughly after washing to kill all the germs. The most hygienic way to do so is to use hand dryers rather paper towels.

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Commercial Hand Dryers Buying Guide

Commercial hand dryers are available in a range of compact sizes that will fit beautifully in your washroom. They are also an ideal choice for high traffic areas like gyms, sports clubs, schools, hospitals, airports etc. Their small yet robust machine provides super functionality with ease. A quick guide on their features will help you in making a better selection per your needs.

Why use Commercial hand dryers?

While using paper towels, one needs to touch the dispenser, leading to the spread of infections. In comparison, the commercial hand dryers have the touchless technology which promotes effective cleanliness. They can be quickly installed with a video tutorial & connected with a power source to become operational. Whereas, the paper towels also need to be re-filled at periodic intervals which is troublesome & not an ecologically friendly option. Additionally, a bin needs to be kept to dispose of the used towels, which contributes to the blocked drains & landfills.

Superior technology for spic & span hands

The commercial hand dryers come with a sturdy outer casing, which makes them less prone to damage. They have an infrared sensing feature, which makes them most convenient to use. The user needs to get his hands closer to the dryer to start it. The built-in motor takes about ten to twenty seconds to dry hands perfectly. Their electricity consumption is low, which makes them energy efficient. They need to be wall-mounted & hence ensure optimum space utilization. You can also put them in your kitchen, enjoy the hot air, efficient drying & also get rid of messy towels.

Aesthetic looks & worry-free deals

The commercial hand dryers also come in stylish & sleek shapes with a metallic finish that will add a tasteful touch to your workplace or home decor. They also make minimum noise & secure a convincing performance. Many companies offer attractive guarantee & warranty options to ensure a satisfying purchase.

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