Top 12 Commercial Mixers

Mixers and blenders are an indispensable part of any kitchen, especially in restaurants, cafes, or bakeries. Even though we make small batches of food at home, an eatery’s food production is usually five times more, and a standard domestic mixer might not be sufficient. But this is where commercial mixers come into the picture as they are more advanced than a household mixer and ensure faster results and increased efficiency – saving both time and effort.

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Commercial Mixers Buying Guide

One can quickly identify a commercial mixer from a domestic one as the former is bulkier and comes with a large or extra-large bowl or container. Since commercial mixers are designed to generate more productivity, they have a powerful motor that speeds the process. You can use a commercial mixer for anything from kneading dough for cakes or bread to make the batter for a recipe. So, whether you own an in-house bakery or a pizzeria, investing in a commercial mixer can be quite beneficial. But first, there are some features one must keep in mind.

Counter Vs Hand Commercial Mixers

Although most commercial mixers are suitable for counter-top use, some brands offer hand mixers as well. One fundamental difference between the two is their construction as a hand mixer will likely be more lightweight, portable, and easier to store. But if you plan on using a commercial mixer for big batches of batter or dough, the standard kind is more suitable as it will work much faster. However, if you prefer using your own bowls or containers, then a hand mixer is better. 

High-Performance Motor & Speed Settings are Essential

The motor is the most significant component of a commercial mixer – and buyers must ensure that the mixer they choose must have a high-performance and powerful motor – even if buying a hand commercial mixer. For instance, a heavy-duty motor with direct drive transmission will increase the mixer’s speed while simultaneously reducing the machine’s load. In addition to the motor, adjustable speed settings are also crucial – and the more the speed options, the more the flexibility of working with different recipes.  

More Features to Keep in Check

Another vital feature to keep in check is the quality of the commercial mixer’s parts – mainly the bowl, whisk, and beater. All these parts must be of high quality and durable like those made with stainless steel. If buying a counter-top commercial mixer, one should consider its size plus the bowl or container’s size. The bowl must be either lever-operated or have a stackable J handle and have a protective guard to keep it in prime condition. Also, a safety stop switch/function is necessary to ensure safe use at all times.