Top 12 Commercial Mop & Bucket Sets

It is not the most easy or pleasurable task to mop the floor, but everyone does it because keeping the floors sparkly and free of infections is a priority. Commercial mop and bucket sets bring with them an era of enjoyable and convenient cleanings. Large businesses, small institutions and households are all turning to these nifty tools to make their job hassle-free.

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Commercial Mop & Bucket Sets Buying Guide

Typically, the commercial mop and bucket sets are made of three parts- a wringer, a bucket, and a dirty water bucket. All three parts work together to make the buyer’s cleaning experience a breeze. Most people make the switch from their usual cleaning tools to these handy devices because of its auto-squeezing mechanism that does not require physical interaction with the mop and saves the time of purchasing extra accessories. The buyer can get befuddled by the features and variety of these mops and may require guidance.

The three musketeers!

Since these products come as a set, the buyer must look at the properties of each of the components separately. The mop is the main product and is the only one performing on field! The bristles of the mop should be ribbed and be able to easily pick up hair, greasy residue and unwanted particles. The body both the buckets should be scratch-resistant and durable. Thermoplastic is commonly the best commercial grade plastic for the construction of a bucket.

De-stressing with an ergonomic product.

Most commercial mop sets come with a dustpan. It is recommended that the buyer looks for a dustpan with a rubber lip on the front so that no dust is left while sweeping. If the bristles of the mop are stiff and fine, it becomes easier to clean the corners, making it convenient for the buyer. The buyer should also ensure that the torsion power of the wringer is adequate so that the mop does not retain a lot of water and leave the floors wet.

There is more to consider!

When convenience is the key reason for switching from the usual, nothing should add to worsen the experience, which is why the buyer should make sure that the set is not difficult to carry around and comes with wheels. This also covers the surface area covered by the mop. The mop should cover a significant area of the floor so that the buyer does not have to wring it multiple times.