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Have you ever wondered how some people look fresh and glowing all day long? It almost feels like the sun never touches, the wind never blows, or the pollution turns around at them, doesn't it? Well, there is only one secret- they have a compact mirror in their purse or pocket. They take the mirror out and touch up their face, comb their hair, and cleanse the face when needed. Since there is a lack of mirrors in public spaces, these handy mirrors are quintessential for anyone who does not want to look like a rag.

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Compact Mirrors Buying Guide

Makeup is part of many people's lives. Many women, especially, tend to use numerous types of makeup products that require tools like brushes and pens, and of course, a mirror. Thus, apart from being an advantageous product for virtually anyone, compact mirrors are a staple item for any makeup enthusiast. Let's take a look at the things one needs to consider before deciding on a compact mirror for themselves.

It's in the name!

As the name suggests, compact mirrors need to be, well, compact. People carry all kinds of bags, though, for regular use; everyone prefers compact bags. A compact mirror must fit the generic, if not the smallest, bags you own- be it a purse or a tote bag. It must also fit your pockets. However, this must not direct you towards too small a mirror as it can be irritating and hard to use. If you are confused about the size to choose, go for a classic 4-inch mirror as it is the standard size suggests by professionals.

Double sided-mirror for magnification

Okay. So you love to make up. But compact mirrors would not be ideal for drawing that perfect eyeliner wing or blending lip colours and spread it on the lips, would they? Wrong. If you want to do detailed makeup on your skin, you can just buy a two-sided foldable compact mirror with one of the sides being a magnifying mirror. It will let you watch your skin impeccably close, and once you are done with the perfect smoky eye, you can just switch to the regular mirror for the overall look.

Lighting as an additional features

These days, many compact mirrors come with lighting surrounding it, helping you do your touch up at night or in dimly lit rooms. LED lights are used for the purpose as they are affordable, and they offer adequate light. You might want to see if the brightness of the light can be adjusted not to hurt your eyes in pitch-dark rooms. These lights run on batteries or are rechargeable. Make sure you buy a quality product to ensure durability.

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