Top 12 Compost Aerators

To prepare rich compost at home faster, one should turn the organic waste regularly. But the process of shifting and aeration can prove to be very difficult. Compost aerator is a gardening tool that takes away this load of turning and simplifies compost making. This buying guide on compost aerators aims to provide you with all the information and necessary details you must know before buying one

Compost Aerators Buying Guide

When it comes to gardening, one can not ignore compost. Nutritious compost ensures profitable growth of plants making your garden greener. Preparing compost at home saves money and prevents any adulteration and ensures wise use of kitchen waste. According to research, turning and aeration produces a rich compost that forms five times faster than organic waste is left to decompose without any aeration. But this process of turning compost demands a lot of strength and efforts. Here, a compost aerator comes at play. A compost aerator is a tool that turns and aerates the compost pile. This simple tool can save a lot of your energy. Here are a few qualities of compost aerators that will help you know what type of compost aerator is most suitable.

What should be the appropriate length of a compost aerator?

The length of the aerator matters a lot. If the size of the aerator is less than that of your bin, it won't be able to reach to the bottom, sparing the waste there, from aeration, this results in an inconsistent compost. As most modern bins are now around 38 inches high, an ideal compost aerator would be 38 inches long. This much long aerator would ensure that you don't have to bend to turn the compost and save your back from strain.

Varieties available based on designs

Compost aerator is available in two designs, corkscrew and plunger. The pulling action of the aerator ensures it turns the compost. Both types of aerators are easy to insert deep and move everything. A plunger is a pointed pole that has two folding tines. These tines, close up when the aerator is pushed into the pile and open up when pulled out, this disrupts and turns over the compost. On the other hand, a corkscrew is turned into the pile and pulled up to give that same effect.

Durable and odour resistant material

While choosing a compost aerator, it is essential to go for a rustproof material like aluminium or powder painted steel. These materials increase the longevity of the tool. The aerators should be easy to manage, use and clean. It is a plus point if the aerator has an odour clearing technology in it. Look for the compost aerator with a padded handle; this helps old, or any gardener to have a proper posture without putting much strain on the hand.

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